Right at the time of T’s diagnosis, I decided to work on getting healthier.

Be it known, I hate running. I used to think running? Bleck, gross, yuck… So not for me..

My first challenge: Creating an example of healthy living for our kids. Be a role model on staying fit vs staying on the couch.

My second challenge: Learning to run and staying with it, without getting bored, sore or better yet actually being able to do it.

So I decided I needed help to stay motivated…that help came in the form of 2 dear friends from the neighbourhood and the 5K training program with the Running Room.

The Plan: Run the 5k by mid- May…if we do ok, we will work towards a 10K by mid-July (please note, this would be the most I will have run…EVER)…and if I don’t completely hate it by then, I’m in for a Half Marathon by fall.

But a curious thing has happened…I have noticed on the days where I can hardly breathe from sheer frustration/anger/helplessness with process, red tape, T or what have you, running has been incredibly cathartic to just let it all out…I can even do while crying…so far it gets a thumbs up for emotional healing and making me tired enough to get to sleep on the nights I’m all wound up.

I am actually kinda looking forward to this journey. Still waiting for the so called Runner’s High but will keep you posted if it ever shows up.