Work/Life Balance

I used to work in corporate/ big brands. I loved it because of the opportunities to create strategies and programs that truly connected a consumer to the brand. But early last year, I found myself in a place many did in the recession and was packaged out at the brand I worked for. My husband, that day when I called him to tell him the news simply said “Congratulations…You’ve been talking about going back out on your own for awhile now and to be honest, I don’t really enjoy the kind of person you have become with this job”..High stress, away all the time, living for work.

So I started back up my own business. One which focuses on developing the relationship with customers while making sure your brand integrity stays on strategy. Creating events that keep the conversation going after about how much people enjoyed themselves and the unique ideas they saw there. Figuring out the missing links in your marketing plans, social media presence and consumer engagement.

I love it. I love the balance and calm that is in my life now. I love that when my children need me, especially with all the appointments we have to go to for T, I don’t have to work around a corporate boss who never got it when it comes to family being the priority in your life.

I still have challenges. Largely finding the fine line about working on the business and working in the business, but as my husband reminds me (alot). This is my first year of business and sometimes I just gotta cut me some slack.

My husband’s a pretty smart guy.